bernard janody


Born on april 20th 1952 in Bourg-en-Bresse, FRANCE.

1982: Creation of his first collages in mixed techniques and with his own photos.

1987-88-89-90: Participation in the salon "Figuration Critique" at the Grand Palais in Paris.

1988: Realization of a thematic project ordered by the Agency P.M.F for the Cartier Company based in Cluses.

1989: Group exhibition at the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts – Paintings and Collages.

1990-1993: Collaboration with the Orangeraie gallery in Geneva.

1994: "L'EXCEDENT PLUS L'ESSENTIEL" – Personal exhibition at the Jeu de Quilles gallery in Carouge (Watercolors in mixed techniques).

1995: "STRATES URBAINES" (oils on canvas) – Personal exhibition at the Art-Space gallery in Thonon-les-Bains in association with the Deya Company.

1998: "STRATES PARALLELES" (oils on canvas): personal exhibition at the Annecy Art Library. – Exhibited Series: "NOIR ET BLANC", "STRATES PARALLELES" et "STRATES URBAINES".

1999: Collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and the Foundation De France - Realization of "LES GEANTS DE L'ECOLE MATERNELLE" – A giant sculpture made with the help of children from the Menthon-St-Bernard nursery school.

2005: "PAYSAGES CONTENUS" (oils on canvas) – Personal exhibition at the Flaine Cultural Center.

1995-2005: Works of Land Art realized in the surroundings areas of Menthon-St-Bernard and Talloires near Annecy.

2007: "STRATES URBAINES 2" (oils on canvas) – Personal exhibition at the Real Foundation gallery in Annecy.

2012: "PAYSAGES EN SURSIS" – Group exhibition at the art contemporary gallery Croissant in Brussels.

2016: "PAYSAGES CONTENUS/PAYSAGES EN SURSIS" – Exhibition at the Abbaye de Talloires in august 2016.

2020: "PAYSAGES CONTENUS - PAYSAGES EN SURSIS - PAYSAGES CODÉS" Bonlieu Forum Annecy, september 2020.

Creative Path

Photography and serigraphy were crucial components in my initial artistic motivation and drove me to create my first collages. These components eventually paired with a rigorous exploration of complementary two and three dimensional fields. I did this by utilizing a variety of other mediums such as...(insert here other mediums your father uses.) This visual experimentation led me to my current primary medium, oil painting.

My internalized reflection and philosophical contemplation also urged me to discover and redefine my ever fluxuating visual language. Through the writings of Jean Baudrillard, philosopher and sociologist, I explored multiplicity and iconoclastic irony. These ideas helped me to develop new perspectives on society and come to terms with my own uncomfortable vision of the world.

I am heavily influenced by the photographers Henry Huet, Larry Burrows, Don Mac Cullin and Christine Spengler along with the painters Max Ernst, Robert Rauschenberg, Jacques Monory. These artists relay an urgent external world which inspires me to utilize uncensored honesty and pursue a visual independence in my own visual abstractions.

At the present time, I have been enthusiastically drawn to the figurative narrative. My will remains the same and my motivation grows stronger. Daily, I draw new inspirations from the multimedia world of television, internet and printed word. My perceptions of the violent social and environmental realities of now, incite me to perpetually reinvent my own thought which I then precisely manifest in my work.